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Three Smart Guys

Three Smart Guys

“The market has changed and you are the leaders in the market so thank you and kudos to you!”

Alright guys, we are at the Business Credit Boot Camp. We getting ready to dive in. Are you guys ready to order some stuff?  Get ready to learn a lot more about it. Are you guys excited to be here?
Excited, overjoyed.
So what brought you here? What are you doing?
You, we came here to hear from you, we came to hear from Ty Crandall, to hear about the Business Suite, learn some on Credit Repair and to hear from Mike Citron, but more so to learn the Business Suite. Absolutely. So what’s the feeling, what you guys like about Business Credit, I mean what’s the feeling about it for you guys?
95% of our clients are asking about Business Credit when they are repairing their personal credit profile and so to offer them that service we can adhere to the best of the best to get the information. And then you have the people as well.
So, how you got my information, you search me on YouTube watch the videos?

Yes, I’ve seen your videos, I’ve listen to some of your webinars, strong, clear, okay yea and it’s very informative.  You’re so relative in that space you just don’t understand, I am sure you’ve seen the number go up when you look  at your growth and you look at  your clips. I am sure you seen the number go up. But more importantly the world has changed and now everybody is looking to have a LLC of some type of additional income and we have that Business Credit we’ll actually walk them step by step and let them know what was relevant in today’s market.
The market has changed and Ty you are one of the leaders in the market so thank you and kudos to you my brother. Also want to bring simplicity to it too as well, I mean for the novice such as myself and others we will understand, break it down and dissect it and then you know take it to another level, I think that is very important as well. It’s not over your head, it’s not too complex but it takes you to a place that you need to be absolutely maybe to spill that over and try to be in (inaudible).  And, on a final note,  we need to help Business owners separate their Personal credit from their Business Credit. Absolutely  right.  And that is what brings me here.   Because so many businesses are funding their business with their personal credit,  and when the business fails,  if it does,  they fail too.    They don’t have the cash to do that so they definitely need  the credit.

I am glad you guys came man, Boot camp rocks.