Startup Accelerator Course:
8 Pillars to Successfully Launch a Business

What You'll Learn

How to intelligently setup your business that opens maximum opportunities and financial benefits

How to find the right buyers and attract them by crafting the right message that sparks engagement and action

How to properly manage the bureaucratic & administrative areas so that your business runs smoothly and sustainably

The comprehensive way to Brand, Market, and Promote your products to endless targeted audiences who need what you have

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Ty Crandall

Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert. With over 18 years of financial experience, Ty is recognized as an authority in business credit building, business credit scoring, and business financing and has led Credit Suite to the Inc. 5000 List.

Alex Frees

Alex Frees is the Marketing Team Lead at Credit Suite. Alex has over 10 years of experience in marketing and copywriting, is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and a speaker in the areas of marketing, business automation, and client/customer selection, cultivation, retention, and referral.

Vicki O'Neil

Vicki is the Social Media Manager. With over 15 years in Community Engagement and Social Media Management, she has been constantly developing and testing new strategies to reach more of our audience via organic mediums.

Pam Jordan

Pam helps companies become more profitable and achieve their goals by controlling their chaos and implementing systems. So often people start a company with just an idea that quickly grows to this monster called a business. She helps tame the monster.

Let’s be honest... starting and launching a new business is very challenging.

You might even be hearing things like "Why don't you keep your day job?" or "Starting a business is going to cost you so much money... Maybe it's not for you" or even "Why risk everything for a hobby?"

What most people don't understand is WHY you decided to start a business. They don't always see your passion and drive that you have or the Freedom that can comes with it.

Here is the bad news though...

Starting a business isn't easy. In fact most people get it wrong, but that's why we created this course! We got together many experts in each field to help you start and run your business the right way.

Here are just some of what you'll learn in this Startup Course...

Access expert & actionable advice & insights on almost every area of starting & setting up your business to succeed as a Startup

1.     Correctly setup your business so that your personal and business entities are separate, eliminating liabilities & frustrating headaches

2.     Setup your business credibly to improve fundability for lenders, credit issuers and underwriters. Get rewarded for running your business by ‘flipping a few hidden switches’.

3.    How to create and sell compelling products sooner rather than later so you can collect revenue as early as possible. Learn how to effectively price your products so you can make more while selling less.

4.    Identifying the right customers for your product can be the difference between a negative ROI and a 200-400% ROI. Create your customer buyer persona so potential customers can instantly notice you above all the noise.

5.    The easier you make it for customers to pay, the more paying customers you’ll attract. We’ll show you various methods to setup payment collection so you can more easily grow your revenue and profits.

6.    Building a business should NEVER be a one-person show. Learn how to quickly find team members for as little as $4/hour so they can ‘work’ the business while you ‘RUN’ it.

7.    Look credible for your audience without breaking the bank. Get your brand image right and you’ll effortlessly attract more and better prospects - making selling easier and more cost-effective.

8.    Most businesses fail because they don’t manage money the right way. We’ll reveal the 3 financial positions to hire in your company and when, so you can grow your business profitably and sustainably.

9.    Even one lawsuit can ruin the most successful of businesses. Find out how to get access to an attorney on a budget and have them ready to fight for and defend you so you have peace of mind to grow your business.

10.   Nowadays, social media platforms are like “storefronts” that potential customers can engage with and see what your business has to offer. We’ll reveal how to effectively set and manage these platforms to build a loyal following of raving fans and obtain paying customers.

11.    How to use social media as a way to educate your audience (like giving free samples) and proactively generate interest and authority in your industry. 

12.   How to use automation tools to batch process and schedule content delivery to automatically keep your 'storefront’ open with engaging and relevant information.

13.   “Organic” and social media traffic can take time to cultivate and develop. Discover how to affordably fast-track into Paid Advertising (such as Facebook & Google) and intelligently test your message and audience so you can scale lead generation.

14.   It’s proven that “Retargeting audiences” purchase at least 50% more than 1st-time visitors. Learn how to get more ‘bang out of your buck’ by marketing to those who have already interacted or engaged with you.

15.   Many of us rely on Search Engines to find answers to our questions. Learn how to be the solution that shows up for the best free audiences you can get by combining the power of SEM and SEO to maximize your search engine presence.

16.   Cut through the competitive noise by leveraging Public Relations for free and even getting featured on local and national news among others. Master PR and have reputable sources promote you and your credibility.

17.   Consumers nowadays are thinking more about WHO they are purchasing from. Learn how to effectively use $0-Cost Live Streams to build a loyal tribe of followers who want to do business with you, instead of exhaustingly trying to convince them. 

18.   If you’re going to sell, try selling to MANY at once instead of one at a time. We’ll reveal how to craft simple winning presentations for webinars and live events so that you can get lump sums of revenue each and every time.

Building a business does not necessarily require a Business Degree... but there are Fundamental Pillars you must get right!

Here are some common mistakes business owners make:

  • Many business owners focus on their products but lack the necessary knowledge to promote it to a buyer audience.
  • They set up their business wrong and can’t take advantage of borrowing capital through business credit and financing.
  • Or maybe they are overworking themselves due to lack of time and have not figured out how to outsource menial tasks in order to focus on high-level strategies only they can do.
  • Or perhaps they’re not managing their finances properly and it doesn’t take long before their business folds.

Whatever the case, it is not uncommon for new businesses to be missing crucial operational components and underestimate what it really takes to have long term business success.

The good news is that you’re serious enough to get started.

Most startups fail not due to unwillingness, lack of motivation or having a bad product, but because they haven’t considered all the core fundamentals for successfully launching a business.

It’s easy to tell yourself and your team that “you’ll just figure it out as you go”, but it doesn’t take many mistakes before obstacles cripple your entire business.

Yes, building a business is challenging, but not because the individual components are too difficult; it’s because there are many moving parts and as a startup “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

That’s why it’s important to consult experts in each field who have done it successfully so you can avoid common time and money-draining mistakes. It doesn’t have to take years of education to get all the information you need. 

We’ve stripped out the fluff and dove right into the juicy bits that count so you can learn it all within weeks.

Whether you’ve just started your business or about to start one, you’re going to need to learn and implement these fundamentals of building a successful business.

Your future self will thank you for it!




1.1    How to Choose Your Company Name

1.2   Choosing Your Entity

1.3   Getting Your EIN

1.4   Setting Up Your Bank Account

1.5   Establishing Your Mission, Core Values, and Purpose



2.1    Choosing What to Sell

2.2   Pricing Your Products and Services

2.3   Demographic and Competition Research

2.4   Creating Your Customer Avatar



3.1    Collecting Money through PayPal and Square

3.2   Getting and Using a Merchant Account

3.3   Choosing Your Accounting Software



4.1    How to Hire and Retain
Virtual Assistants

4.2   How to Hire New Team

4.3   How to Onboard and Train

4.4   Non-Competes



5.1    Branding Your Business

5.2   Setting Up Your Logo

5.3   Setting Up Your Social Media Banners

5.4   Setting Up Your Website



6.1    Financial Support Positions

6.2   Financial Documents

6.3   Choosing Attorneys

6.4   Prepaid Legal Services



7.1    Choosing Your Social Media Channels

7.2   Setting Up and Managing Your Social Media Channels

7.3   Developing Content for Social Media

7.4   Managing All Channels from One Platform



8.1    Facebook Advertising

8.2   Google Advertising

8.3   Retargeting

8.4   Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

8.5   Public Relations (PR)

8.6   Going LIVE

8.7   Speaking and Selling from Stage


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