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Roy Ferman – Startup Business Loans

Startup Business Loans

Roy Ferman is considered a foremost expert on the subject of business funding, specifically startup business funding. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Roy has built his career helping business owners launch and scale their businesses.

Roy currently serves as the CEO of Seek Capital. Having recognized the void in the lending industry for entrepreneurs, Roy founded Seek Capital with the sole purpose of helping startups and early-stage business owners access the capital they need to launch their business.      

Roy is a weekend warrior ranging from rock climbing, basketball and running. An avid traveler, Roy can usually be found planning out his next trip. Roy spends his time with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters continually exploring Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

During This Show We Discuss…

  • About Roy Ferman
  • Benefits of Seek to business owners
  • The difficulties that start-ups face without getting financing
  • How Seek simplifies financing process for start-ups
  • The type of financing Seek offers for startups
  • Determinants of how much money a borrower may get
  • Some of the lowest and highest approvals on Seek
  • What borrowers can do to get their limits increased in time as they use their lines
  • What it takes to get approved for startup financing on Seek
  • The kind of aid given to those with credit issues or too many inquiries
  • The kind of help given to someone with high utilization
  • The types of fees expected expect to pay before and after getting the funds
  • Requirements for inquiry on how much funds one can get
  • The time it take to get the funds from the initial inquiry
  • Why Seek is the best at offering start-up loans
  • Best general overall advice for other entrepreneurs trying to break through and find success
  • And much more

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