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Tom LaVecchia

Thomas F. LaVecchia, MBA is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Author, Influencer and Founder of X Factor Media and New Theory Magazine. Tom started out his career in sales and quickly became a top-performer in his industry. He was awarded with over 10 national sales awards in his 15-year sales career. When his outstanding corporate career was suddenly disrupted, Tom found himself jobless and not sure what to do. He wrote a book, The X Factor Selling System, that quickly became a best-seller. He then founded X Factor Media and has been helping others

During This Show We Discuss…

  • What the X factor is and how to use it in your business
  • The steps a business owner can take to find the X factor in your business
  • How important content is to your digital marketing strategy
  • The best ways to use one piece of content many places
  • How to use infographics to expand your marketing
  • How to use video effectively to market your business
  • The types of videos that perform best
  • The type of investment that’s required to create production-quality videos
  • The best digital platforms to use to promote your brand
  • The top 3 things every website should have
  • The essentials to get your site to show on Google searches
  • How SEO can be used for reputation management?
  • The best ways to retain customers
  • How to really get engagement on social channels
  • How social media influencers can help grow a business’s social media channels
  • How press-releases can help grow a business’s exposure
  • Other types of PR that you can use to grow your business on a budget
  • When you should get your own app, and how much does it will cost
  • What Google 360 is, and how to use it to grow your business 

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