Peter Thorsson: How To Develop a Winning Business Plan

EP 370 Peter - Peter Thorsson: How To Develop a Winning Business Plan

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Peter Thorsson: How To Develop a Winning Business Plan

Peter is a small business enthusiast. He works in the business development department at Palo Alto Software. Peter leads business development, sales, and strategic partnership work for Palo Alto Software, makers of LivePlan, where he creates relationships and programs that help entrepreneurs succeed. Peter has also started and sold a successful business with revenues over $1MM, directed Strategic Partnerships for Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, organised local Start-up Weekend events, and judged business competitions for Rice, Princeton, Notre Dame, and others.Peter has taught contemporary business planning - from concept to execution - for many years in venues including Lane Community College, University of Oregon, Oregon SBDC, and Oregon SCORE. As a volunteer, Peter is the past president of the Board of Directors for Committed Partners for Youth in Lane county , formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and Board Director for Boys and Girls club of Emerald valley. He has also mentored individual local youth and local small businesses.

Originally from the great state of Virginia, Peter is now enjoying the rain and the trees in Eugene, Oregon. He likes sandwiches, cats, and working on his car. 

During this show we discuss:

  • About a business plan
  • Why should write your business plan
  • How to write a good and effective business plan
  • 3 important things you need to do before writing a business plan
  • How to use accounting metrics to create your business plan
  • 5 common business plan mistakes
  • The importance of doing an analysis of your business in your business plan
  • Resources every startup must know before writing a business plan to execution
  • How to validate your business ideas without going broke
  • 11 things every startup needs to include in their first business plan
  • How technology can help you build your business plan
  • How often you should update your business plan
  • How long does it take to create a business plan that you can use for an SBA loan
  • How business plan increases business growth rate
  • Pitching for funding after building your plan
  • And much more…

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