Paul Birkett: How to Help Others and Earn Money on Non-Performing Mortgages

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Paul Birkett: How to Help Others and Earn Money on Non-Performing Mortgages

Paul is the founder of Automation Finance, the world's first asset based investment fund paying target return of 8%. Automation Finance has more than $200M assets under management and has saved 1000+ families from foreclosure. Paul's audience on social media is greater than 5,000 and he is happy to promote the episode to his fans!

Paul has 25 years experience building data-driven businesses in global markets. Prior to launching Automation Finance he repeatedly built multi-billion dollar businesses for PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble in the US, Europe and Asia.

Automation Finance buys non-performing residential mortgages at a discount to par and works with the homeowners to return the loan to performing status. We deliver superior returns and better borrower outcomes by providing homeowners with alternatives to foreclosure

During this show we discuss:

  About non-performing loan

  Finding the appropriate NPL to invest in

  Steps you need to take to buy a non performing loan

  Best ways to mitigate risks attached with NPL investments

  How to earn steady returns on your NPL investments

  How to convert a NPL to a performing loan

  The guaranty that the funds will earn/ have proceeds sufficient to benefit everyone involved

  About distressed asset

  Why you should consider investing in a loan in default that is prone to a number of negative consequences

  Why you should consider the distressed investments based on trends and expertise

  3 mistakes people make when investing in Distressed Assets

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