Mark Willis – How to Self-Bank Your Business and Life

EP 242 Jack Jeff - Mark Willis - How to Self-Bank Your Business and Life

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Mark Willis – How to Self-Bank Your Business and Life

How to Self-Bank Your Business and Life

Mark Willis is a man on a mission to help you think different about banks, Wall Street’s abuses and from financial uncertainty. After graduating with six figures of student loan debt and before discovering a way to turn his debt into real wealth, he watched everybody lose their retirement investments and home equity. In 2008, he knew that he needed to find a sane way to meet his financial objectives and those of his clients.

Mark is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, a #1 Best Selling Author and the owner of Lake Growth Financial Services. A financial firm in Chicago, Illinois. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of his clients take back control of their financial future and build their businesses with sophisticated, tax-effective solutions. He specialises in building custom-tailored financial strategies that are unknown to typical stock-jockeys, attorneys, or other financial gurus.

As co-host of the Not Your Average Financial Podcast, he shares some of his strategies for investing in real estate, saving and paying for college without going broke, and creating an income in retirement you can’t outlive. Mark works with people who want to grow their wealth in ways that are safe and predictable, to become their own source of financing and to create tax-free income in retirement.

During this show we discuss…

  • How to become your own source of financing
  • Self-banking
  • Benefits of self-banking to your business
  • Why self-banking is better than traditional banking
  • How to become your own banker and source your own finances
  • Ways of generating a passive income
  • How to manage passive income
  • How to create tax-free income
  • Why debt is a sound investment for your business
  • Creating wealth from your debt
  • How to buy debt
  • How to go upstream financially
  • Analysing your current financial situation
  • How to create an effective financial plan for business and personal life
  • How to meet your financial goals
  • How to improve your finances in a safe and predictable way
  • Various beneficial financial vehicles that you can put your money into without being taxed
  • Ways of creating an income in retirement you can’t outlive
  • And much more…

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