Jim Huffman: How to Successfully Grow Your Online Business

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Jim Huffman: How to Successfully Grow Your Online Business

How to Successfully Grow Your Online Business

Jim Huffman is the CEO of GrowthHit, a growth marketing agency, and the author of The Growth Marketer's Playbook. He is a growth mentor for the Techstars accelerator and the Sephora Accelerator. Jim also teaches marketing workshops at General Assembly and through the Association of National Advertisers. Jim has led growth at two startups that went from conception to over $10M in sales. He has lead growth for clients that have been featured by WSJ, TechCrunch and the TODAY Show. Jim has advised and taught marketing to brands that include OREO, Hot Wheels, FedEx, Clorox and more.

Currently, Jim is CEO and co-founder of GrowthHit, a growth marketing agency. GrowthHit is a premium agency that helps companies increase their online sales and lead generation by driving high-intent visitors to a website through Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO and content marketing. Additionally, they significantly lift up conversion rates by architecting personalized conversion funnels. Since education and learning play a central party in Jim’s personal strategy, he has detailed a step-by-step guide for growing a business to seven-figures in his recent book, The Growth Marketers Playbook.


During this show we discuss:

·         About growth hacking

·         The relevance of online growth to a local business

·         Ways to fund an online startup business

·         Why you should optimize your online business

·         Why startups fail or produce less results

·         Strategies and entrepreneur can use to build his business online

·         Strategies to rebuild a failed online business

·         Ways to run both your online and local business without confusion

·         Choosing the best team for your online business

·         How to grow your business with the relevant team

·         How to structure your growth team to achieve the best results

·         How to create diversity among the team members in order to increase business growths and ideas

·         Digital marketing trends that are important to your business

·         Marketing trends that will help grow your online business

·         How to develop a marketing plan that works for your business

·         How to find investors for your online business

·         How to discover or identify your business customers

·         Processes to take in order to figure out the best way to align your product with the ideal users

Show resources:


https://growthmarketersplaybook.com/, enter promo code TYCRANDALL




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