Greg Kihlström: Level Up Your Business Through a Remote Workforce

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Greg Kihlström: Level Up Your Business Through a Remote Workforce

Greg is currently CEO and Co-Founder at CareerGig after his digital experience agency, Carousel30, was acquired in 2017. He has worked with some of the world’s top brands, including Coca-Cola, Dell, FedEx, GEICO, Marriott International, MTV, Starbucks, Toyota, and VMware. He currently serves on the University of Richmond’s CX Advisory Board.

Greg’s newest book, The Center of Experience (2020) talks about how customer and employee experience can be operationalized into a cohesive brand experience. Greg’s previous book, The Agile Consumer (2019) explores the most recent shifts in the brand-consumer relationship and how companies must become more agile across their entire operation to remain successful. Greg is a regular contributing writer to Forbes, and has been featured in Advertising Age, SmartCEO, Website Magazine, and The Washington Post.

During the show we discuss:

How the pandemic affects workforces and businesses

How the workplace will change over the next decade and how can companies prepare for it

What a remote workforce is

The difference between a freelancer and a regular employee

The misconception that remote work is just a ‘gig’

The benefits of hiring a freelancer

All the risks of having remote workforce

How to decide if you should hire a freelancer

Things to know before hiring a freelancer

The difference between hiring a freelancer and a traditional employee

Kinds of assessments you can do to find the best freelancers

Doing a background check on Freelancers

How to manage freelancers efficiently

Tools to adapt into remote work

Ways to use gig economy freelancers to transform your business

How to build a team of freelancers

How the future workplace needs to adapt

Transitioning to remote work permanently

How remote workforce improve diversity and inclusion

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