Abdo Riani – Successfully Creating and Reviving a Business

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Abdo Riani – Successfully Creating and Reviving a Business

Successfully Creating and Reviving a Business

Abdo Riani is the founder of StartupCircle.co where aspiring and rising entrepreneurs can connect with and learn from successful founders over daily live Q&A sessions. He helps early stage startup founders accelerate their path to first and next paying customers through presales, joint ventures, and more importantly by doing things that don’t scale. His goal is to show passionate entrepreneurs how to launch and grow products and services efficiently with higher predictability. Abdo is also a Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine contributor.


During this show we discuss…

- Important business “truths” that start-up entrepreneurs ought to be aware of

- How an entrepreneur can generate start-up ideas that are worth pursuing

- How to validate start-up ideas

- Improving on your existing start-up business ideas

- Bootstrapping a start-up

- Building value in your start-up business

- How to build start-up value before having a product

- The best way to presell a start-up idea and service

- Generating funds or revenue for my start-up using my ideas

- How to generate start-up success?

- Cutting costs and still generating 3x as much in sales and presale

- The best approach to creating and choosing members for your start-up teams

- What makes you ready to scale

- Taking smart risks in your start-up business

- The best way to handle risk and uncertainty in any business

- Designing a plan to market under the condition of the unavailability of the product?

- And much more…


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