The Credit Suite Jumpstart Partner Program is designed to help new partners and those looking to restart the exact tools, training, and resources to start making money quickly offering business credit and lending.

The jumpstart program is 100% free and available to those looking to “jumpstart” their success and start making money quickly with business credit and financing.  

The Jumpstart Program includes a lot of exclusive benefits, including:

  • NEW Loan Broker Partner Community Access
  • Executive Access FREE for 30 Days
  • Weekly Partner Group Coaching Call
  • Weekly Jumpstart Marketing Strategy Call
  • Closing Coach for 90 Days to Close Deals with You
  • Customized Partner Website and Marketing Automation System (90% discount… Only $97 Monthly)

Here’s a detailed look at what you receive with the FREE Credit Suite Jumpstart Partner Program:

NEW Loan Broker Partner Community

Get access to our brand new community that’s EXCLUSIVELY for partners and loan brokers!  Join like-minded entrepreneurs who are making money now offering business credit and financing.  See how to best market to get leads, how to sell and close, the financing to focus on that pays you the most, and collaborate with your peers to make more money faster.
Executive Access FREE for 30 Days
The Executive program is a special program reserved for partners who are looking to make the most money with business credit and lending.  It provides a lot of extra access and benefits including:
  • Get paid 40% commission on fees earned when your clients get funding
  • Enroll Customers for Do-it-Yourself Finance Suite Access
  • View All Details Customers Enter into the Business Finance Suite
  • View and Interact with Advisor Team Customer Notes
  • Manage Customer Login Credentials
  • Add and Manage New Sales Reps
  • Access Specialized Sales Rep Training

NEW Weekly Partner Group Coaching Call

Join our experts who have decades of experience building 7 and 8-figure businesses that offer business credit and financing as they reveal the insider secrets to success.  Discover the BEST ways to market to easily get leads, the best sales process to use that’ll help you close the most deals, how to run promos like webinars and challenges to get groups of customers to buy, and much more on your weekly group coaching calls.

Weekly Jumpstart Marketing Strategy Call

Access our Jumpstart Marketing Strategy Call to get started or restarted with offering business credit and lending to get results quickly.  This call provides the essentials to hit the ground running and make money fast with business credit and lending.  Plus, you’ll get a detailed walkthrough of how to best use your back office, marketing assets, website and automation, and more to make selling easy.

Closing Coach for 90 Days to Close Deals with You

Credit Suite’s top closer will work with you for 90 days to help you close your sales!  Get your customer on the phone, and your closing coach will jump on the call with you to help you close the sale.  Close more sales, make money quickly, and learn from the best and how to convert prospects into buyers where you earn $2,300+ in commissions on each sale.

Customized Partner Website and Marketing Automation System 

Get your own customized website to make a powerful first impression and stand out from other loan brokers and partners.  Plus, get access to an exclusive automation system that’s been created from the ground up to help automate your marketing efforts and sales process.  This site and automation combo is what you launch to immediately start getting leads and converting them quickly.  You get a 90% discount and get both the site and automation for only $97 monthly.

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