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Joshua Latimer

Using Systems and Automation to Grow Your Business and Find True “Freedom”

Joshua left his job as a banker for JP Morgan Chase to start a cleaning business in Michigan which he eventually grew and sold to a California based cleaning conglomerate in 2015. Now he is living in Costa Rica with his 4 kids and wife where he helps small business owners from all over the world understand the power of business systems and automation, and the freedom they can bring. Joshua is the founder of, an online training platform for small local service businesses as well as a follow up automation tool for busy professionals.

During this show we dive into...

  • How to be intentional with what you do in your business
  • How to focus on your personal “why”
  • Why your “why” is elastic and can and will change
  • How to set your heading towards specific goals
  • The differences between a brick and mortar business and an online business
  • How to be the “coach” in your business and not the “quarterback”
  • Why inspiring and mentoring your team is so important
  • The 3 main reasons that many small businesses struggle… and how to overcome them to succeed
  • Why systems are important and essential to your success
  • How to find out if your systems are moving you towards your “why”
  • The first step to start developing systems in a business
  • How important are systems and automation to the value and ability to sell a business
  • What business owners can do so they stop working in their business and start working on their business
  • What automate, grow, sell, is all about it and why you should be doing it
  • Why it’s important for a business owner to have an exit plan
  • How important it is to set goals to run a successful business
  • The three-part formula for success… what you want, by when, with what boundaries
  • How to be part of a boot camp that will teach you all of the systems principles you need to know
  • How to send awesome customized postcards to your clients for a “wow” factor

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