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Jantzen Fugate: How to Get Business Financing and Make Money Offering it to Customers

How to Get Business Financing and Make Money Offering it to Customers

Jantzen Fugate, a serial entrepreneur who's had many successes and some epic failures that we'll get into a little bit later.  He was named to the V100 in Utah, a list of the top 100 entrepreneurs.  In 2015 he built his business loan brokerage to be Top 20 best companies to work for, and in 2016 they were named in the top 15 best companies to work for in the State of Utah.  He's the founder of PulNoMor a patent pending dog leash, Streamlined Record Retrieval which is the first business I started at the age of 21. It’s still going strong today, growing by about 15% year-over-year and it’s ran by my dad and brother.  He and his wife own a pretty successful downtown Thai Restaurant.  And the founder of the Business Loan Broker Academy and Business Loan Broker Conference. 

During This Show We Discuss…

  • Jantzen Fugate’s background in the business credit and financing space
  • Types of business financing that are working well right now
  • The best types of financing to look at for someone who has credit issues
  • Suggested types of financing for startup businesses
  • The current difficulty to getting finance for a business
  • Best types of financing for real estate investors
  • Some of the best credit lines for business owners
  • Loan programs that offer the best interest rates
  • Factors that determine how much money a borrower may get
  • Factors that determine the rates a borrower may pay
  • Fugate’s thoughts on the importance of business credit
  • More about what Mr. Fugate is doing with Business Loan Broker Academy
  • The type of training needed to become a business loan broker
  • Type of ongoing training is needed
  • Type of education and events available for business loan brokers
  • One thing you every entrepreneur should be doing but aren’t
  • One action item everyone should do immediately after hearing this show!
  • And much more

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