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Rick Bass

(877) 600-2487

I have three wonderful kids, two daughters in college and a son in high school. Credit Suite has allowed me to to work hard during the week and enjoy my family time on the weekends.

I’m a born and raised Floridian with a long history of helping clients in the finance industry. My professional career started out in the mortgage industry and now as finance team lead, I work alongside a fantastic group of colleagues in a very relaxed and fun environment. In addition to administrative support for the FO's as a finance officer at Credit Suite, I provide financing for business owners that will help not only fund their business for further growth yet at the same time providing business loans to help build their business credit.

R. Craig Gibbons

(877) 600-2487

From Clearwater, FL. Proud Father of 4 beautiful children. 24 year Army Veteran Retired. Been with Credit Suite since December 2012 as Senior Finance Officer. BS in Business Administration from Post University Waterbury, CT.; Certifications in Six Sigma, Ziglar Sales Management, and 7 Habits of highly effective people. Graduate of the US Army Marketing and Recruiting School Senior Leaders Course. Recipient of 2 Meritorious Service Awards and the Glen E. Morrell Award by the Secretary of The Army.

Hobbies: Kayaking and Golfing
Favorite Movie: Gladiator
Favorite Music Genre: Anything but Rap
Favorite color: Green
Lucky Number: 44
Political Affiliation: Which ever my client’s is

Dana Enginbous

(877) 600-2487

Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. Quality time with my three wonderful children and husband is priceless. We enjoy visits to the beach, going to the zoo, horseback riding, and family vacations.

I enjoy working at Credit Suite with a great team and being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Suzanne Young

(877) 600-2487

I have worked with the amazing Finance Team with Business Finance Suite/Credit Suite for 3 years. I have seen it grow and do amazing things. I enjoy my job because the finance team is a great group of people that work hard and make me laugh. My husband and I are celebrating 20 years of blissful marriage and we have two teenage kids that love to travel the world with us. My 18-year-old son is living in Africa for 2 years and my daughter is in high school. I love running with friends and enjoy spending time in the mountains and on the beach.

Doug Kelloway

(877) 600-2487

I have been happily married with my second wife for close to 7 years now. We are blessed to have 8 beautiful kids ranging from 23 years old down to 7 years old. I have been with Credit Suite for a year now and love every minute of it. The culture and atmosphere here make work enjoyable. Before Credit Suite I was in business financing for 2 years. The attention to our clients needs truly is our number one goal. If we can't help you today we educate you so we can help you tomorrow. There are a few things I am fanatical about. My family, my football team and my golf game. I truly feel luck to be working here and look forward to help all of you.

Jonathan Mancuso

(877) 600-2487

Over 10 years in Business Lending and Commercial Banking experience. I have a long proven of successfully guiding local, national, and multi-national clients with their long and short term business lending needs. I specialize in applying my expertise and market knowledge to deliver outstanding results for my clients while delivering a memorable customer experience.

In addition to being an active volunteer with the United Way and Ronald McDonald House Charities, I am an active member in the professional networking groups BNI, local Rotary as well as the Tampa Chamber of Commerce. I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Economics.

Mark Capas

(877) 600-2487

I am a 45 year native of Tampa, Florida and a proud father of nine-year-old twin girls. I'm passionate about weightlifting, cycling, running, clean eating and I enjoy spending my free time at our beautiful beaches. I'm a graduate of the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting. My past experience includes ownership in a correspondent mortgage lending business and I have experience in many areas of business finance as well as debt restructuring especially during the Great Recession. As a previous business owner myself, I understand and appreciate what entrepreneurial/business professionals are going through and I enjoy helping them obtain the best funding options available so that we can grow the business together. Lets make it happen!


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