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What Business Credit Can Do For You

Published By Credit Suite at November 30th, 2015

You want to protect your personal finances.  But when you own a business this is very tough to do.

Most creditors and lenders require that you supply them with your own personal guarantee for anything you do for the business.

This means if anything were to go wrong at work, they come after your personal assets also.

What they don’t want you to know is that you CAN easily obtain money for your business without offering this personal guarantee.

Business Credit is credit you obtain in your business name.  You can be approved with no personal guarantee required.

Your business credit profile is used to approve you, not your personal credit profile. So this means there is no personal guarantee and no personal credit check required.

Business credit is easier to qualify for than most consumer credit. And typically the approval limits are also higher.

Plus business credit allows you to build a separate business credit profile, and you still have your consumer credit profile.

So this doubles your borrowing ability, and still lowers your risk.

As you utilize your business credit you get approved for higher limits, and more unsecured credit with Visa and MasterCard.

This helps you have a security blanked in a time in need.  And most importantly, you can use this credit without having any personal financial liability.

Having an excellent business credit score greatly adds to the overall value of your business.

Your value, and borrowing power will be greatly improved the higher business score and borrowing potential your business has.

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