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5 Business Credit Score Hacks that Can Save Your Business

The weighted average is a very little known aspect of the PAYDEX score that has a big impact on your overall score calculation.

The weighted average weighs payment history for larger limit accounts higher than your lower limit accounts.

Alternative Financing… The Most Funded Types of Loans in the Country

Alternative financing is funding for your business which is less common. Many people do not know about it. But it is out there, it is legit, and you can get it for your business. In particular, alternative financing is perfect for startup ventures.

How to Repair Business Credit: Don’t Let Damaged Business Credit Keep Your Business From Thriving

Fixing damaged business credit should be a top priority for you, the business owner. Business credit repair is a great way how to improve credit score for your company.

How Rich Do You Want to Be?

How Rich Do You Want to Be? Have you ever thought about what you would really buy if you were super rich? Not just the cars or houses, but the entourage you might have, the food you might eat, the impact to your social life. In this funny clip from […]