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Available Business Funding Sources

There are many sources who offer business funding today. Knowing the different sources will help you find the best funding options for your business. Business funding sources are out there.

Remember, most of these funding sources you can access right through your funding suite with us. So reach out to me to receive more information about the specific funding that will work for you and your business.

Crowd funding

What is Crowd Funding? Crowd funding is a great financing source for new startup businesses who have a limited budget. Crowdfunding is the process of getting funding from a community instead of an individual or finance institution.  The network pools their money and resources to support the new business. Why […]

Dun & Bradstreet’s World Reach

What is Dun & Bradstreet’s World Reach? So, you may have heard of Dun & Bradstreet before. And here’s a bit of trivia about them. They are the biggest business credit reporting agency, by far, in the world. Millions of businesses have a D-U-N-S number. In fact, even your small […]

Some Major Differences Between Personal and Business Credit

… in the business world, scores are mainly coming from only one factor. It’s how the business pays its bills. If the business pays its bills on time, a very good credit score is its reward. This makes it much easier and faster for a business to build credit than it takes a consumer to do.