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Some Major Differences Between Personal and Business Credit

… in the business world, scores are mainly coming from only one factor. It’s how the business pays its bills. If the business pays its bills on time, a very good credit score is its reward. This makes it much easier and faster for a business to build credit than it takes a consumer to do.

Interesting Equifax Tidbits

Check Out Some Fascinating Equifax Tidbits Want to learn some compelling Equifax tidbits? Many people don’t know that Equifax is the oldest consumer credit reporting agency in the country. They were founded back in 1898. And this was a full 70 years before the creation of Trans Union. Two brothers, […]

What is Business Credit? What is My Business Credit Score

Your Question Was Great: What is My Business Credit Score It’s the question on every business owner’s mind. What is my business credit score? Most people are familiar with how personal credit works.  You start with no credit profile. Then you get small credit cards to initially build your credit […]

The Secrets to Building Business Credit History

Learn All About Building Business Credit History Are you interested in building business credit history? Here, we offer tips to help you achieve your objectives. Getting credit for your business with no personal credit check and no personal guarantee is very appealing. One might say this is the holy grail […]