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6 Types of Small Business Credit Loans You Can Get Even with Bad Credit

Most entrepreneurs think that because they have bad credit or no collateral that there is no chance of them getting a loan. But in reality, there are actually many different financing options that business owners have in which they can qualify, even with severe credit challenges, or even if they […]

5 Business Credit Score Hacks that Can Save Your Business

Just as you have a credit profile that’s linked to your social security number, your business has its own credit profile that’s linked to its EIN. This credit profile is known as business credit and is one of the best kept secrets in business. Any business that has an EIN can build […]

Alternative Financing… The Most Funded Types of Loans in the Country

There are several forms of business financing available for small business owners. There is a massive abundance of business credit that is also available for small businesses. This money just isn’t available at most conventional banks. Most business owners go to their bank when they need money. But banks mostly deal with […]

How to Repair Damaged Business Credit

Repair Your Damaged Business Credit Fixing damaged business credit should be a top priority for you, the business owner. Business credit repair is a great way how to improve credit score for your company. Many business owners think they have items reporting on their business credit reports that really aren’t reporting. […]