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Purchase Order Financing

Seasonal sales, business growth and expansion, and large orders can restrict your business cash flow. Many clients want to pay on terms of net 30 or 60, but many of your suppliers demand payment on delivery. At the same time you have to cover other expenses including shipping, labor costs, […]

Equifax Small Business Credit Risk Score

Dun & Bradstreet is the primary company used to evaluate business credit and issue a credit score known as Paydex. There are also other companies that provide similar credit evaluation services to businesses based on their independent databases. One of them is Equifax who offers a business scoring credit model […]

What Business Credit Can Do For You

You want to protect your personal finances.  But when you own a business this is very tough to do. Most creditors and lenders require that you supply them with your own personal guarantee for anything you do for the business. This means if anything were to go wrong at work, […]

Retirement Plan Financing

When you invest in your 401k you are investing in other companies. But there’s also a way you can use the same 401k to invest in your business… with no penalties. Business owners can borrower against their 401ks and IRAs to obtain funds for their business.With 401(k) financing a business owner can quickly […]