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Bank Credit

Bank credit is the total amount of borrowing capacity a business can obtain from the banking system. Banks have their own internal way of scoring and rating businesses credit worthiness. They do this through a system called bank ratings, which rates the credit worthiness of a business from the bank’s […]

Private Equity Financing

Private equity financing is money that is invested in a privately held business in exchange for partial ownership of the business. The invested funds might come from private individuals or institutional investors.  Regardless of where it comes from, there are many individuals and businesses that are ready and willing to invest […]

Building Business Credit

There is a lot of factors that are important in business credit building. These factors must all be perfect for a creditor to extend your business credit. If you don’t meet one of these requirements, you will probably be denied and the creditor will never tell you why. First, make […]

Available Business Funding Sources

There are many sources who offer business funding today. Knowing the different sources will help you find the best funding options for your business. Remember, most of these funding sources you can access right through your funding suite with us. So reach out to me to receive more information about […]