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6 Smart Reasons to Build Your Business Credit

Business credit is credit in a business name that’s linked to the business’s EIN number. This is credit a business owner can obtain that is not linked to their SSN. When you apply for something such as an auto loan, the lending institution pulls your personal credit using your name, address, […]

Business Credit Myths

In some ways, a business has many of the same attributes as an individual person. Businesses earn income, file tax returns, debtors are paid, credit is used for the business, and many businesses have credit histories. Still some business owners overlook the importance of a healthy business credit profile and […]

Secure Money Before You Need It

In lending most applications are denied when the applicant is in need of money the most. Lenders lend based on risk.  And the better a business is doing, the lower the risk it is from a lender’s prospective. Still most business owners don’t look for money until they actively, and […]

Securities Based Loans

Securities Based Loans are an excellent source of funds for someone who holds publically traded stocks. Securities-based lending is generally involves a revolving line of credit that uses your eligible investment portfolio as collateral. This funding option permits you to access funds without immediately liquidating your portfolio. This gives you […]