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How to Raise Your Consumer Credit Score

Your personal credit matters when establishing and building business credit. With that in mind, here are a few tips for putting your best foot forward with your personal credit. If you have “bad credit”, you’ll have more work ahead of you, but the work will certainly pay off. Fixing your credit is […]

Five Quick Business Funding Tips

When you are trying to get funding for your business through loans or investors, there are quite a few variables to think about. Let’s dive into some of the big ones here and now. Funding Tip #1: Funding needs should be clear, well planned, and thoroughly detailed. The meaning here […]

Does Michael Dell Personally Guarantee Dell’s Debts?

Some of the largest private companies in the United States include: Dell, Michael Dell is the CEO Mars, Paul Michaels is the CEO Price water house Coopers, Greg Brenneman is the CEO Publix, William Crenshaw is the CEO Pilot Flying J, John Compton is the CEO. Does it make sense […]

Types of Available Business Financing

There is a massive amount of financing currently available for small businesses. Business credit is one financing type that works perfect for many businesses. The business can build its own credit score and profile and use that to qualify for business credit cards in the business name which require no […]