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How Smart Business Owners are using their 401k to Fund Their Business

Written by Janet Gershen-Siegel Smart Business Owners are using their 401k to Fund Their Business? What is this Wizardry? What’s their Secret? Yes, it’s true! Smart business owners are using their 401k to fund their business. And the good news – no – GREAT news is – you can, too. […]

How Choosing the Right Entity Can Save You

Did You Know that Choosing the Right Entity Can Save You? Business entities can seem confusing. Choose the right business entity from the very beginning and save on taxes and company liability. Choosing the right entity can save you! First, here are the more common business entities. Choosing the Right […]

A Crash Course in Copyright Law for Small Business Owners

Do You Need to Know Copyright Law for Small Business? You may think your business does not really need to think about copyright law. But think again. All businesses should consider intellectual property and how it may affect them. As a result, voila, copyright law for small business. But before […]

5 Astounding Things You Should Know About Trade References

Learn the Secrets of Trade References Today You may have heard or read the term ‘trade reference’, but do you really know what it’s all about? Are you asking yourself, what are trade references on a standard business credit application? What are the most important things you should know about […]