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The Effects of Debt Consolidation on Personal Credit and Business Credit

Those blanket debt consolidation loans offered by debt consolidation companies can sometimes seem like an appealing way to manage both business and personal debt. However, debt consolidation has its drawbacks for both business and personal credit. Let’s talk a little about each. Personal Credit: On your personal credit report, debt […]

Secure SBA Loans

You can be approved for as much as $12 million dollars in financing with low interest rates and generous payment terms with secured SBA loans. Secured SBA loans are perfect for a business looking to expand, for the purchase of a new business or franchise, partner buy-outs, the purchase or construction of commercial […]

4 Business Credit Errors That Could Cost You…

When building business credit, you will need to pay attention to more than just your payment history. How you use and interact with the credit system on several levels can either be a great benefit to your company, or come back to bite you if you aren’t careful. Here are a […]

How to Determine the Fundability of Your Business

Fundability” is a term to describe how ready (or likely) your business is to receive funding from lenders and investors. The more fundable your business, the better your opportunities will be for acquiring funds for growth and expansion. Here are some factors that affect your business’s fundability: Business Details – Believe […]