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About Trade References…

Trade references are like financial references for your business. Most business credit applications ask for 3 trade references. Dun & Bradstreet also lets you add trade references to your D&B report if you sign up for their “Credit Builder” program. This is unique to D&B and is a “value added” service for […]


It really is ridiculous that over 50% of businesses fail within their first 5 years of operation. What’s even more crazy is that most of those businesses could have easily succeeded if they only had access to the capital they needed to survive and grow. SBA reports that lack of capital is one of […]

Equifax’s Commercial Credit Scores

Equifax’s main business credit scoring model is the Credit Risk Score. This score was created to predict the probability of a business customer becoming seriously delinquent on supplier accounts, or bankrupt, within a 12-month period. Credit scores range from 1-100, with a lower score indicating a higher risk of serious delinquency.  By definition […]

Merchant Cash Advances

You can get money for your business quickly by borrowing against your future credit card sales.  This type of financing is known as Merchant Cash Advances. These loans use your past and current credit card history to determine how much financing you can be approved for. Money is advanced to […]