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Ben Adkins

How to Master Facebook Ads to Get Leads and Close Sales

Ben Adkins is a Licensed Chiropractic Physician and the Founder of Closer's Cafe. Ben grew his Chiropractic Practice using Facebook marketing and then went on to help other local businesses do the same with his agency. Ben created the Closer's Café blog and mastermind when he realized that other local businesses around the globe also need effective marketing.  Closer’s Cafe is a resource for those who are looking to build their own Facebook ad agency, so they can help their community thrive.  Ben has been a highlighted keynote speaker at conferences all over the country including the ASK Method with Ryan Levesque, Traffic & Conversion Summit and Social Media Marketing World.

During This Show We Discuss…

The easiest way to get your first customer quickly from Facebook ads

The easiest and fastest way to scale to get more customers

Whether you should just start on Facebook, or advertise on Instagram as well

The best way to choose the right content for a Facebook ad

The types of images that work best with Facebook ads

Whether static images or video work best with Facebook ads

The type of costs there are to get a lead on Facebook

What’s most important when choosing which guide to give away to attract new leads

What’s most important to be on your landing page to get them to opt in

The types of things that should be on your exit page once they do opt in

How important it is to find a small offer for leads to buy on your exit page

How important having a sales funnel is to converting leads into sales

How you can build an effective sales funnel

The core components of a great funnel

The actions within a funnel that someone should take for a sales person to get involved

How to get referrals and testimonials 

And much more

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