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Anthony Witt

Anthony Lee Witt is the founder and creator of The Champion Entrepreneur where he provides valuable information and resources to help individuals become the champion that deep down inside they know that they are.

Anthony believes there are one or two struggles, which holds individuals back from becoming the champions they are meant to be and he works tirelessly to help you overcome these struggles. Anthony want’s to know: What is holding you back? What are you afraid of? What or who has stopped you in the past? He is a father, a husband, a brother, a son, and an entrepreneur. In all, he strives to be a Champion one-day at a time.

“Take your motivation and inspiration then put it into action.” Anthony Witt

During this show you’ll discover:

  • The 10 steps guide to quickly start your own mastermind… and how to do it the right way
  • How to define your “why” and the group’s “why” to attract the right paying group members
  • How to evaluate and determine what type of people would work best for your mastermind… and how to know the people to avoid who you won’t want
  • The proper steps to take to ask new members to join your master mind where you’ll get MASSIVE response to fill your group quickly
  • How to host your “ice breaker” meeting that’s essential to getting people to love your group before they buy in… and how to attract even more paying members with this meeting
  • How to find the right out-of-group conversation platform to open up the conversation with your group to insure they get the maximum benefits from your mastermind
  • What rules are CRUCIAL that you should implement to govern your group… and what happens if you don’t implement them
  • How to find the right platform and place to host your groups that members will flock to and love
  • How to structure your group and the best formats you can use where you’ll get the most interaction that will result in high member satisfaction
  • How to build relationships inside and outside of the mastermind… and how to use fun as one of the main selling points and benefits of your group
  • And much more

Anthony’s core business, multiple international speaking engagements, and his top-rated podcast keep him so busy he RARELY ever comes into another event and spills all.


We are passionate about helping our clients secure business credit and financing, and offering both as a service. Of course, we’re going to have great things to say about our company because we think what we do and how we do it is pretty awesome. What really matters is what our clients have to say, so click below to hear from some of our customers who we live to serve.
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