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Jose Rodriguez
Neptune NJ

“Business Credit as a second platform has truly taken me to the point where revenue hasn’t been an issue anymore.”

How you doing? My name is Jose Rodriguez and I am the owner of Clean State Credit Solutions. I have been  a Re-seller for the Business Credit Suite Program now  for about a year and a half and its truly been a jump start for my business and the Business Credit aspect and being able to take my business to the next level. You know doing credit repairs is the foundation of my company but being able to offer Business Credit as a second platform has truly taken me to the point where revenue hasn’t been an issue anymore. With selling Business Credit you also get the support from team Ty. You know Ty trains you pretty much on how to sell it but you also get the backing support for your clients. You know with Craig, Megan, Dex, it’s truly been phenomenal.  I have never had a complaint from any of my clients and coming to the boot camps you get to actually meet them and get to actually ask them any question. So, if you are thinking about adding the Business Credit platform program to your company, definitely talk to them. Definitely come out to the boot camp and see what they have to say because you definitely will be amazed with the amount of knowledge and the amount of tools they have  for you to be able to implement them in your business. So definitely, come out to the boot camp, check them out check out the websites and then take it from there, but if you have any questions definitely, these are the guys to talk to in the Business Credit Arena. Thanks. Appreciate it buddy.

Credit Suite Features & Benefits

  • Easy Business Credit Building System
    Build your business credit through our industry leading step-by-step business credit building platform the Business Finance Suite.
  • Work with Experts
    You and your customers receive concierge service with your own Business Advisor and Finance Officer team who help you obtain business credit and loans.
  • Cutting Edge Technology
    Get credit and financing easily through our completely unique, cutting edge, step-by-step, Finance Suite platform.
  • Build Your EIN Credit
    Get credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN regardless of personal credit, collateral, or cash flow through vendors, retailers, fleet, and cash credit sources.
  • Get Funding
    Get approved for business funding even as a startup, having no collateral, or with challenged personal credit, even when banks say “no”.
  • Your Own Business in a Box
    Get all of the marketing and training resources you’ll want and need to start and grow a successful business offering corporate credit and financing.
  • Easy and Profitable
    Done-for-you servicing helps you earn more profits; you offer business credit and funding for your customers and we do the rest.
  • Get Paid
    Make money offering turnkey business credit and funding solutions for your customers through our turnkey, white label system.
  • Earn Money on Funded Deals
    Get the ability to get paid on funding that your clients receive without them needing to buy anything.